Equipment Ground Fault Protection

Tower offers standard Equipment Ground Fault Protective Devices (EGFPD), and can also custom design and manufacture to your specifications.


Limit Equipment Damage 

EGFPDs are similar to ELCI except that they are UL approved based on different Test Standards. As with ELCIs, EGFPDs are not intended to provide electric shock protection for personnel. The primary benefit of using EGFPD products is the ability to limit the damage caused by excessive ground fault currents in equipment connected to its load side. All Tower EGFPDs are UL approved.

Tower Manufacturing sells only to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Tower does not sell to individual consumer or direct potential customers to any parts reseller.

For replacement parts please contact Original Equipment Manufacturer.

How Can We Help?

Tower can develop unique, customized products, or modifying existing designs, that can be integrated with your final product ─ at a competitive price and within a tight timeframe. Please reach out to our design team to identify the best course of action to develop products for your applications.