Industrial and Commercial Safety Products

For our teams at Tower Manufacturing, safety in the workplace is our number one concern.
We develop products to keep your workforce safe.

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In the realm of commercial and industrial applications, Tower Manufacturing GFCI safety products have proven their mettle by adapting to diverse scenarios and challenges.

The use of GFCIs is not only a regulatory obligation but also a strategic investment in employee well-being and operational continuity. These safety devices have established themselves as indispensable components, aligning with stringent workplace safety regulations and international standards. Moreover, GFCIs play an essential role in maintaining productivity and preventing downtime.

In industrial settings, where power disruptions can lead to costly production halts, GFCIs contribute to minimizing the impact of electrical mishaps. In manufacturing plants and warehouses, where heavy machinery and high-voltage equipment abound, the implementation of GFCIs significantly minimizes the risk of accidents caused by electrical faults. Their capacity to respond swiftly to irregularities in current distribution safeguards both personnel and assets against the dangers inherent in these dynamic environments.

This seamless fusion of safety and operational efficiency underscores the significance of GFCI safety products in commercial and industrial domains, highlighting their role as protection of staff and business interests.

Tower Manufacturing products are:

  • UL Listed Safety Device
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Available in Automatic/Manual Reset offering additional safety benefits


top selling products


Model 30438018

The most popular choice for GFCI protection of power tools and portable equipment among industrial maintenance personnel. Provides convenient portable GFCI protection. Rugged construction for indoor or outdoor use.


Model 30438052-01, 25 ft
Model 30438036-01, 50 ft
Model 30438543-01, 100ft

These Inline GFCI models with single connectors can be used as OSHA compliant cord sets for virtually any maintenance activity with power tools and equipment. Rugged construction for indoor or outdoor use.


Model 30438302-01, 25 ft
Model 30438303-01, 50 ft
Model 30438306-01 100 ft

These Inline OSHA required cord sets are ideal for a wide variety of maintenance and construction activities with power tools and equipment. Models feature molded, triple tap providing GFCI protection for multiple devices. Rugged construction for indoor or outdoor use.


Model 30439005

Converts any standard indoor electrical outlet into a ground fault (GFCI) protected outlet. Lightweight models provide plug-in portability for home, office, workshop and other indoor environments.

How Can We Help?

Tower can develop unique, customized products, or modifying existing designs, that can be integrated with your final product ─ at a competitive price and within a tight timeframe. Please reach out to our design team to identify the best course of action to develop products for your applications.