Portable A/C cords (LCDI)

Tower offers Leakage Current Detection Interrupter (LCDI) cords to customer specifications. Certain products are prone to power cord damage. LCDIs use shielded power conductors to sense any breakage in the cord. If a break is detected the LCDI trips, interrupting the flow of electricity. This power cord technology provides assurance against personal electrocution or fire due to power cord damage. In some cases certain products are required by UL to have LCDI power cords such as portable ACs, window ACs and PTACs.

Tower Manufacturing sells only to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Because LCDI cables are classified by UL and cUL as factory applied safety devices, LCDI cords can only be replaced by a Original Equipment Manufacturer or authorized service center. For replacement parts please contact Original Equipment Manufacturer. Tower manufacturing does not sell, service or direct potential customers to any parts reseller.

Tower supplies LCDI cords only to customers who manufacture or are factory authorized to service A/C equipment.

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