Tower manufacturing has been making Electro Mechanical components and Safety devices for over 50 years for all possible applications. We have extensive product offer that can be modi ed to your specific applications.

In addition Tower manufacturing can design unique products to meet your needs. We have expertise with metal, plastic, and electronics designs supported by manufacturing expertise to run prototypes and production quantities.

(Extension cord version) offers up to 4 GFCI protected outlets at the end of a power cord. Power cords come in 20, 50 & 100 ft lengths. This is a great solution for MRO applications, home owners, of ce or construction applications requiring multiple GFCI protected outlets and additional cord length. We can modify color or cord length to your particular requirement through our (OEM product program).

(Plug In/Outlet adapter version) offers compact design for environments that do not require additional cord length. This product can be plugged in at any outlet to make it GFCI compatible. We can modify these product to color and options that you require through our (OEM product program).

(In line version) offers one or three GFCI protected outlets and a power cord of various length (25, 50, 100ft). We can modify color or power cord length to your specific requirement through our (OEM product program).